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We offer the following technologies and services:

  • Trenching river crossings
  • HDD river crossings
  • Dredging works
  • Engineering and design

JSC PTPS has over fifty years experience in the development of Method Statements, operating process charts, and other design project documentation for the river crossing pipeline and technical hydro facility construction.

Changing market conditions have created a platform for the development of engineering and design activity within the Company that have allowed us to actualize projects “on a turn-key basis.”

PTPS has the qualified experts for performing pre-design, engineering and design of construction, reconstruction and major overhauls of underwater crossings with main pipelines for various purposes


Recently we have developed more than 40 Method Statements of construction, reconstruction and repair of oil and gas main pipelines including 9 projects using the HDD method. We have crossed rivers such as the Volga, Oka, Moscow river, Kuban, Severskii Donets, etc.

The distinctive feature of any Method Statement performed by PTPS is the application of realizable and cost effective technologies, detailed descriptions of the operating process, etc.

Engineering and design activity is carried out in compliance with the licenses required.

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