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The successful work of PTPS, in many respects, depends on the results of the highly efficient work of all our employees. Today the recruitment and retention of qualified experts and workers, as well as the raising of their qualifications, preparation and retraining in all specialties (welders, machine operators, divers, technicians and engineers) play a great role.

PTPS has existed for more than 50 years and it means our collective has become older. Therefore, annually we employ young experts from universities. Students with a standing of 3-4 do practical training directly on our construction sites and those who score best are accepted at the end of the study. They work in the collective where the most skilled employees supervise and share with them their experiences and assist them in mastering this difficult trade.

Still, the main task in skilled staff retention is the solution of its social problems if any. For these purposes, PTPS arranges comfortable conditions for workers residing on the sites. PTPS tries to make living conditions for its personnel better in the places of their permanent residence as well. We buy apartments for the skilled staff for their possession or leasing with further buyback options or we may grant interest-free loans.

We are proud of our employees!