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The history of JSC PTPS is indisputable with regards to the historical development of the oil and gas pipeline construction industry in Russia.

  1. In 1956 the Order No.32 of the Minister of Construction for the Petroleum Industry of the USSR A.K. Kortunov. A specialized division for river crossing construction was established.
  2. In 1969 the Order No.189 of the Minister of Gas Industry of the USSR A.K. Kortunov. The trust for underwater engineering and construction “Soyuzpodvodgazstroy” with 9 branches was created.
  3. In 1981 the Instruction No.1286 of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the all union association “Soyuzpodvodtruboprovodstroy” including the subordinate trusts Surgutpodvodtruboprovodstroy, Vostokpodvodtruboprovodstroy, and Centrpodvodtruboprovodstroy was established.
  4. In 1988 the Instruction No.576 of the Council of Ministers of the USSR the all union association “Soyuzpodvodtruboprovodstroy” was reorganized to the specialized construction association “Podvodtruboprovodstroy.”
  5. In 1993 the Instruction No.505-Р of the State Property Committee of the Russian Federation the specialized construction association PTPS was transformed to open joint-stock company PTPS in which its structure included 7 divisions of the European part of Russia.

The becoming and development of our organization took place simultaneously with the augmentation of large volumes of extraction and transportation of oil and gas from the richest deposits of the USSR through main pipelines to the consumer. In the territory of the former Soviet Union there is no main pipeline in which construction did not require the use of our enterprise. For our honest work the organization has been presented with many high awards.

  1. 1968 - Award of the Labor Red Banner for success in the industrial field.
  2. 1995 - Diploma “The Torch of Birmingham” for developing production in difficult economic conditions.
  3. 2001 - Gold medal of the Society of Assistance of the National Industry of France for Dynamic Development and completion of new projects.

Hundreds of our employees have been awarded the highest state and industry awards: Hero of the Socialist Labor, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, Honorable Worker of the Fuel and Energy Complex, Honored Oil and Gas Constructor, Order of Lenin, Order of the Labor Red Banner, Order of the October Revolution, Order of the People’s Friendship, the Gold Medal of A.K. Kortunov, etc.

During its activities the enterprise has successfully developed and moved forward owing to progress within the company, the skill of conducting the external policies of PTPS. Today our organization forges ahead. We are developing and searching for new and more innovative means to help the enterprise with its more than 50-year history in successfully operating competitively in the oil and gas construction market.