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We have all the necessary equipment to complete your project!

PTPS has all the necessary machinery and equipment for the realization of underwater pipe laying projects of any complexity and in any climatic condition up to a diameter of 1,420 mm. Aqueducts and water outlet piping up to 3,000 mm across rivers, lakes and other water basins and also on sea shelves with a depth of up to 40 meters.

The company has, in assets, all the necessary technical equipment for soil works: bulldozers, pipe layers of different type, excavators, cranes, HDD drill rigs, laboratories for quality control, welding equipment, etc.

For underwater works the organization is equipped with technical fleet vessels: hydraulic dipper dredgers with a productivity of up to 150 cubic meters an hour capable of operating in rocky soil, and hydraulic suction dredgers with productivity of up to 1,000 cubic meters an hour in soil. There are floating cranes with various carrying capacities, self-unloading barges, barges, tows, diving boats, diving stations, etc.

For carrying out all levels of operations PTPS has necessary licenses and international certificate ISO 9001.

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